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1. Psychology and New Media

1.1. Deepfakes and Fake News. 

  • Iacobucci, S., De Cicco R., Michetti F., Pagliaro S., (Working Paper) Deepfakes Unmasked: Disentangling the effects of information priming and bullshit receptivity on fake content recognition and sharing intention”

1.2. Marketing and Native Advertising

  • Iacobucci, S., & Cicco, R. D. (2020). Users awareness of native advertising from Instagram media publishers: the effects of Instagram’s branded content tool on attitudes and behavioral intent. International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising, 14(1), 71-90. Click here.
  • De Cicco R., Iacobucci, S., Pagliaro, S. (Under Review) “Congruence in Instagram influencer sponsored partnerships: a double-edged sword? The role of a prominent disclosure in enhancing perceived sponsorship transparency”

2. Behavioral Economics & Finance

2.1 Cannito, L; Iacobucci, S. & Palumbo, R. (Under Review) “Talking about the future and economic decision making: evidence of differences in temporal and probabilistic discounting in Italian Speakers” .

2.2 Iacobucci, S.; Monaco, E., Cannito L., Palumbo, R., (Working Paper) “CEOs temporal orientation and risk propensity in earnings conference calls: the use of language as determinant of financial  corporate policies” .

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